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Sig Sauer P229 Legion
« on: September 09, 2016, 05:28:41 PM »
Well, last week I picked up the Sig P229 Legion that Chris down at Federal scored me.  I got it out to the range today for the first time and ran 280 rounds through it.  I shot Winchester 115 gr. FMJ, Federal American Eagle 115 gr. Syntec TSJ, and 124 gr. Sig Sauer V-Crown JHP's.  Not a single bobble and, again, what one would expect from a Sig: great accuracy, boring reliability, and some of the best ergonomics in the business. 

Like my P226 Legion, the P229 had the enhanced hi-visibility day/night sights, the Gray Guns Adjustable Reach Intermediate Trigger, G10 grips, checkering everywhere, and the reduced profile P224 controls.  The trigger is just as it is on the Legion P226, smooth and relatively light for being a straight out of the box DA/SA trigger.  I got this gun to maybe be a more comfortable carry option than my Glock 19 when my CCDW license comes through, and after shooting the gun today, I'm pretty sure that this gun will indeed get the nod despite being a little heavier than the 19.  I did pick up an overpriced 15 round mag before I went into the range at Target Master and it functioned perfectly well...aside from being a royal pain to load the last round into it.  I definitely need to get back up with Chris to order some more 15 rounders. 

All in all, the Legion P229 seems to be typical high quality Sig.  Now down to the burning question in a lot of people's minds, are the Legion Sigs REALLY worth the extra cost over a standard P226 or P229 with the SRT trigger?  I'd leave it to the end consumer.  Yes, the Legion guns do have SOME value/cost added features but I highly doubt that they total up to fetching an extra $300 MSRP over a standard P226 or P229.  That said, I do not feel that I got ripped off or gouged on the price.  Actually I'm quite content with the price I paid for each of my Legion Sigs as they ended up not being as costly over an ordinary P226 or P229 as the MSRP would have implied.