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Walther Q5
« on: July 20, 2017, 05:09:48 PM »
I picked up a Walther Q5 Match from our friendly south of the canal LGS recently. The first outing I kept the LPA windage and elevation adjustable iron sights on just to get a feel for the weapon. I shot ok but not great. I was probably expecting the same results I get with my PPQ M2 with 4500 rounds through it and a silky smooth trigger. The next outing was with a Vortex Viper installed. Again just ok results, mostly due to the frustration of adjusting the red dot with the supplied tool, an L shaped tiny flat screw driver. The last outing I had a properly sized real screw driver which eased my frustrations and in return I shot much better. Way better. I had some very tight groups at 15 and 20 yards which I considered exceptional for a new weapon, new optics and with under 1000 rounds fired in my hands. I knew I would like this gun as I'm a Walther fanboy and at this point I'm thrilled. As for the Viper, so far all is good once I had it zeroed. I like the variable brightness selections. Its the ticket for aging eyes, and you get to shoot with both eyes open. One note though, The Viper requires special mounting screws for this weapon that are not supplied by Walther or Vortex. If anyone need these screws to mount a Viper to a Q5 send me a PM. I bought 200 from McMaster Carr and have 98 10mm and 100 8mm screws left over.

A shout out to Chris at Federal Firearms. He produced a somewhat difficult to find weapon in one day at a great price.
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Re: Walther Q5
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Thank you sir...appreciate you stopping over....enjoy the nice pistol....