Author Topic: "UK Police Discuss Arming Officers"  (Read 4842 times)


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"UK Police Discuss Arming Officers"
« on: June 16, 2018, 06:57:48 PM »
Currently, less than 10% of British police officers are firearms trained and qualified. That totals around 6,500 firearms officers – these are centred predominantly on urban areas. Deputy Chief Constable Chesterman told the Telegraph that in an urban area he would expect to see an Armed Response Vehicle responding to an armed incident within ten minutes. But that “It will take longer than that in some of these sparsely populated areas and in some places, of course, it could take significantly longer.” He continued “when you look at the geography of Devon and Cornwall [in the rural SW of the UK] there are some communities where it is going to take significantly longer,” he confirmed that these are “the forces we are talking to about whether some further uplift [additional armed officers] is required or whether some form of routine arming might be appropriate.”
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